VINYL STYL™ Deep Cleaning System for your LPs!


Like a newborn baby, once you bring your latest vinyl purchase home, the journey to growth and connection is only beginning. Thankfully, you don’t have to change an LP’s dirty diapers day in and day out.  However, just because you handle it with care, that slab of wax is still going to need a cleaning to keep the dust, dirt and oils out of its precious grooves.  Just blowing the dust off when you slide it out of the inner sleeve may clear away the larger dust particles, but you need something that will help you clean deep and protect your vinyl.

We here at VINYL STYL™ realize the importance of preserving your precious LP purchases. Last time, we told you about the clear polybag sleeves to preserve the LP cover. Now, let us remind you of our popular VINYL STYL™ Deep Cleaning System (711574723317).  This set includes a cleaning pad, a brush and a 1.25 oz. bottle of our cleaning fluid. Used properly, our Deep Cleaning System removes dust and dirt without scratching the vinyl!

Enjoy this ‘how to’ video and see how easy it is to give your wax babies a deep cleaning that will preserve them for years to come!