VINYL STYL™ Deep Groove Record Washer: UNBOXING and USAGE video!

Whether you own a half-dozen vinyl LPs and singles, a few thousand, or somewhere in between, cleaning and preserving those precious pieces of wax will ensure that you will be able to enjoy them for years to come. VINYL STYL™ offers many products that enhance the vinyl experience – from turntables to protective sleeves – but we must admit that we have outdone ourselves with our VINYL STYL™ Deep Groove Record Washer!

Here at VINYL STYL™ we know that there is nothing like the sound of a stylus settling into a record’s groove. However, there are many environmental factors that can put a damper on the vinyl listening experience. In some cases, these factors can cause damage to your vinyl, your stylus, and even your amplifier or speakers. The VINYL STYL™ Deep Groove Record Washer System is specifically designed to clean out those deep grooves by combining soft, 100 percent natural goat hair brushes with our specially formulated washer solution. After use, your records will be given new life. With proper care and maintenance, they can be enjoyed for years to come. The entire system is self-contained and looks great next to your turntable and record collection. There is no reason substance should lack styl!

The VINYL STYL™ Deep Groove Record Washer is simply the best record washer on the market today. Starting with the uniquely designed and stylish, self-contained storage system, you will never need to go looking for parts of your device. The label protection clamp lets you wash records without the fear of ruining your labels. The included washer fluid solution can be filtered with the accompanying funnel and filter system and reused several times. The innovative drying rack means you can wash more records than with other cleaning devices in a fraction of the time.




  • Totally Self Contained
  • Stylish Modern Design
  • Cleans 7”, 10”, and 12” Records
  • Your Record Collection’s Best Friend
  • Complete Washing and Drying System




  • VINYL STYL™ Deep Groove Record Washer Reservoir with Lid
  • Drying rack (located inside the bottom of the washer reservoir)
  • 16oz VINYL STYL™ Record Washer Fluid
  • Label protection clamp wheel
  • 45 RPM adapter
  • Washer fluid reusable funnel
  • Washer fluid strainer
  • 3 Washer fluid filters
  • Instruction manual