Protect those LP covers with VINYL STYL™ outer record sleeves!

Every vinyl collector will tell you that a big part of the vinyl experience is the album cover, front and back. The outer sleeve helps to paint the images that flash through your mind as you listen. You can often get a better sense of the artist and music just by glancing at the artwork that adorns the sleeve. From a simple band shot to a mysterious and intriguing photo, the artist tries to convey a feeling through the album cover. If you’re lucky, the record comes with a gatefold sleeve that opens up to reveal even more art and photos. Truly magical!

Like art in a museum, the album cover should be carefully preserved so you can enjoy it for years to come. Even if you don’t play a certain album that often, it does experience wear and tear once you remove the shrink-wrap after purchasing it. Unlike the vinyl within, there is no safe way to ‘clean’ an album cover once it has been subjected to a few unsavory elements (i.e.: dust, water, oily fingerprints, etc.). So, instead of sliding a naked LP back into your collection, you should think of protecting it before the scuffs and scratches make it a little less alluring.


We here at Vinyl Styl™ realize the importance of preserving your precious LP purchases. We already offer the Ultimate Vinyl Record Care Kit to clean the actual vinyl, but you probably already knew that! As for the album cover, we don’t offer a way to clean them once the art suffers wear and tear but we do offer some help in the form of our clear polybag LP sleeves. These polybags help protect a new album purchase while also preserving your favorite older releases from further damage. Each open-top bag is 3mil thick and measures 12.75” x 12.75” – this slightly larger size allows regular gatefold sleeves to slide in and out easily without worry of tearing the polybag.


Vinyl Styl™ offers these protective outer sleeves in both 50 count and 100 count packages. And trust us, even if you don’t think you’ll need that many at this moment, just wait and see how quickly your vinyl LP collection grows!


No matter what, Vinyl Styl™ will always be there to make sure your vinyl experience is a great one!


Vinyl Styl™ Protective Outer Record Sleeves:



12.75″ x 12.75″ Clear polybag-open top -no lip 3mil thick

50 count: 711574722617

100 count: 711574722716