VINYL STYL™ Groove Portable 3 Speed Turntable (Black)

Simple. Classic. Stylish.

The Vinyl Styl™ Groove portable black suitcase turntable is one of our best sellers. The color black can express a mood (play your Goth records loud!) or it can serve as a practical and simple solution when trying to find the perfect turntable for any place you call home (the color black matches everything!). However, the moment you lift the lid and put on a record, the music will provide all the color you’ll ever need.


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Vinyl Styl™ Groove Portable 3 Speed Turntable (Listen)

You are what you listen to.

Which means you rock. And you roll. And you are groovy. And you swing. And you’ve got soul. And… To be honest, we can go on and on with these puns! However, the most important thing is that you’ve got good taste! And there’s no better way to show that than with the Listen turntable from Vinyl Styl™!

As always, Vinyl Styl™ continues to offer you a great variety of turntable colors and designs to choose from. This beauty makes a statement about you even before you put the needle on the record… which means that you are a well-rounded individual! Oh dear, there we go with the puns again!

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